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I’ll write a whole post about the wild weekend I spent preparing for this moment, but for now I’m just going to revel in the fact that I did it – I wrote a novel, I made it the best it could be, and I published it!


Cover image of 'Somniloquy' by N E Absolom, featuring a woman and a unicorn in an autumnal forest
My debut novel, Somniloquy – available for preorder now!

Sara Stevens – normal, boring, thirty-something Sara – dreams of meeting a unicorn.

When her wish is finally granted, thanks to a mysterious cat, she finds that sometimes the fantasy is better than the reality: this unicorn is a bit of a jerk!

Join Sara on an adventure across time and space, where dreams and reality are one – where a normal, boring, thirty-something woman can turn out to be quite extraordinary.

With the help of a cantankerous unicorn, a magical cat and a handsome scholar, Sara will need to overcome her own failings in order to save Palantia – the universe, even! – from the nefarious schemes of a corrupted fae.

Can she pull herself together in time to save us all?

Somniloquy is an adventurous tale of magic and dreams, and learning to believe in oneself along the way. When everything seems dark and difficult, kindness is the key, and even the smallest hero can make a difference.

Available now!


I hope you love reading this story as much as I loved writing it. Minus the crippling self-doubt. Though that’s part of the story too 🙂

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